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Our Mission, Values & Goals

The founder of Pregnancy Safe Cosmetics explains why she started the company

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Our immediate goals

  • To provide safe beauty products for any woman who is trying to conceive, pregnant, or nursing.

  • To increase education on what is & is not safe regarding ingredients in cosmetics, bath and skin care products.

  • To provide those who are trying-to-conceive with a toxin reduction program tailoed to maximize chances of a sucessful pregnancy (according to conclusions posited through medical research).

  • To provide women with access to monthly maternal health podcast and zoom calls via an app in the near future. 

We value safety, support, & balance

Pregnancy Safe Cosmetics educates Health & Wellness professionals, their clients, and other individuals on the importance of reducing exposure to environmental toxins & toxicants when trying to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding. 

My daughter's premature birth inspired me to create Pregnancy Safe Cosmetics. She was born 10 weeks early at 2 pounds 8 oz (about a kilo) and doctors told me pre-term birth and small for gestational age was more and more common, largely due to toxin exposure. After her birth, I researched the issue and realized that we are at a tipping point. 

The average sperm count in America is estimated to reach zero in 2045. Miscarriage rates are increasing and some say will reach 50% by 2038. Fertility has decreased from 92% in 2005 to 55% in 2021. A documented increase in chemical exposures is to blame for all of it! Medical researchers have established links between specific chemicals and lower antral follicle counts, lower AMH, embryo implantation failure, miscarriages and chromosomal abnormalities, not to mention birth defects. When researchers decided to test their findings, they took groups of women undergoing IVF and lowered their toxin exposure levels for several days. The results were astounding. Pregnancy rates increased by 22% to 47%. The moral of the story? Lowering toxin exposure helps maximize fertility and pregnancy outcomes!


Our Toxin Exposure Reduction Program addresses this very issue. We assess 5 sources of possible exposure for risk: Bath & Beauty products, Food & Water, Clothing, Household Cleaning Supplies, and Contact items in the Home & Office Environment. We've helped Fertility Coaches see pregnancy rates increase in their practice and are proud to be working with CNY Fertility across their 9 US locations and additional monitoring sites.


The names of Pregnancy Safe Cosmetics' own brand (we are also a reseller for other non-toxic brands) reflect out values. SBE stands for Sexy, Beautiful, Empowered. At Pregnancy Safe Cosmetics, we aim to change how we think about motherhood. Just as wellness must encompass both the mind and the body, we believe that a woman’s individual needs must be fulfilled alongside her needs as a mother. We believe every mother must balance self-care and maternal-health care.  Today, our culture pushes mothers to be self-reliant to the point of being self-abnegation. And this must change. We want to go beyond belly butters and nipple creams. We want to turn the spotlight back on the woman that embraces motherhood.


We do that by bringing women who are mothers or are on the path of motherhood, world-class premium products from Europe with EcoCert certification. Our own SBE products are ALL certified as either 98%, 99% or 100% natural by EcoCert. Our Manufacturer is also EcoCert certified and is situated in the EU, which means our products can not contain the 2500 ingredients banned in the USA ( the US only bans 11). And ebery ingredient is checked (at least once a year) for Pregnancy, fertility andlactation safety against a database of medical studies.


In doing all this, we hope to lighten the load by taking some of the guesswork off of the list of things to do--especially when it comes to figuring out what is and what isn't safe as a cosmetics ingredient. We also help to maximize the chances of a successful fertility and pregnancy journey. Ultimately, our mission is to support women on this journey. That is to say,  to support their empowerment.

How you can support our project 

First, you can buy our products which will allow us to pay for the R&D to develop more products for women who are trying-to-concieve, pregnant, or lactating. This will also help us develop an array of services that we are looking forward to offering via our app, which is currently in the development phase. We are a small company and a very new company. We’ve just put up our website and we’re taking pre-orders for our next sales drop. The more people we have buying our products, the more money we have to spend on serving moms and moms to be.  If you’re not pregnant or lactating, or trying-to-conceive, think about buying one of our gift boxes and gifting it to someone who is.
Second, you can sign up to one of our social media accounts. Not only will you learn about the latest research on what constitutes trying-to-conceive, pregnancy and lactation safe beauty, but you will also have opportunities to engage in our zoom talks with doctors, lactation consultants, pregnancy fitness experts, doulas, and other professionals of maternal health. Also you will have a chance to get involved with exciting new initiatives as they come into reality. We will be doing some pretty cool things in the future. We want to launch a series of Masterclasses on ingredient safety. This project is currently in it’s design phase. Follow one of our social media accounts and you’ll hear of it as soon as it comes into being. Again if you’re not trying-to-conceive, pregnant or lactating, this doesn’t mean that signing up for one of our social media accounts isn’t for you.

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Founder of SBE Mommas’ Story

Hi, my name is Afshan Hussain. I am an Environmental Health Educator and the founder of Pregnancy Safe Cosmetics. I chose this photo to introduce myself to you because I never want to forget this moment. The moment just before my life, as I knew it, would end abruptly.


I was going to hop on a plane to visit my mother in California from France. My trip was supposed to be for two weeks but it ended up being for four years, (due to my daughter’s health problems after her premature birth). Everything in my life changed. My place of residence, my friends, my job, even my relationship of 20 years (it fell apart completely). Suddenly I had a baby in my arms, no income, no husband, and there was no option, except to bounce back. And yet, I had very little support around me.

Every mother wants to make the world a better place for herself and her children. And that is actually incredibly sexy. But, often we stand in this task, this struggle— let’s face it sometimes it seems like a fight. We stand in it alone, often feeling broken, unsupported, and anything but sexy. Furthermore, the world around us grows more and more filled with toxic chemicals.


All that has to change. And this need for change was the the fuel for founding Pregnancy Safe Cosmetics. We bring about change through education and support. By inspiring others to make small changes in daily use products and birth healthier future generations,

If I or my company can’t entirely change it all, on its own, I hope to, at least, start a conversation that inspires an evolution towards a better & healthier environment for mom, baby & our Mother Earth. Every woman is sexy & beautiful and should have what she needs to feel empowered. If given a little support to fulfill her potential, I believe she will unleash that beauty, and make her mark. We strive to enable that capacity by concentrating on improving health, wellness and motherhood by helping to lower a woman's toxin burden.

Watch the video about my story :

"My daughter's premature birth inspired me to create SBE Mommas"
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