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Our Toxin Reduction For Fertility Program 

According to medical research, pregnancy rates increased by 22% of 47% when exposure to certain toxins was reduced. Get started on increasing your chances for success by reducing your exposure with our help. We'll guide you through the process step-by-step until it's done.

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Currently serving patients from all 9 CNY Fertility clinics and additional monitoring locations. If you’re a fertility clinic or fertility coach, interested in having us create a Toxin Reduction Program for you, contact us: 

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Maximize Your Chances of Getting Pregnant With a Free Toxin Exposure Evaluation! 

Pregnancy Safe Cosmetics is currently offering all CNY Fertility patients a free Toxin Exposure Evaluation. If you are not currently a CNY fertility patient, you can get the same offer by simply subscribing to our newsletter, &/or following our Instagram account: @PregnancySafeCosmetics 

To claim your free evaluation watch the following video and fill out the form below.

According to studies safe swapping certain types of beauty & bath products can have between a 66% to 80% reduction in a class of chemicals called endocrine disrupting chemicals, known for negatively impacting fertility. We will help you get know what to safe swap in your free evaluation. Afterwards, we’ll analyze what you put on & in your body and tell you if you’re at further risk & what to do next. 

Why Reducing Toxins Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant  

Fertility rates are dropping worldwide due to a documented rise in exposure to environmental toxicants & toxins. In the US, the Center for Disease Control reports that fertility rates have dropped from 92% (in 2005) to 55% (in 2021). To make matters worse, at the current rate of decline, the average sperm count for a male in America is estimated to reach zero by the year 2045. The reason for the decline in fertility and sperm count, according to medical research, is an increase in environmental toxins.
Pregnancy Safe Cosmetics specializes in helping couples and/or their surrogate reduce toxin exposure. Let us help you realize your family building goals. You can start working with us for free by watching this video and filling out the form below. 
Remember to both follow our Instagram account and subscribe to our newsletter.


Step 1: Fill Out The Short Form Now

Fill out this form to receive your free toxin evaluation. Once completed, you’ll see a video pop up on the screen containing instructions on next steps in the process. Be sure to watch it so you’ll know how to sign up for access to Practice Better, the portal from which the Toxin Reduction Program is run.

1A. Are you currently working with a fertility clinic, coach or other practitioner to get pregnant?

If Yes, please answer below question 1B and 1C: 

2. Who is a participant in this conception effort? Please check all apply:
Please indicate your time zone and general availability:
3. Estimated start of next treatment cycle/ next attempt at trying-to-conceive:

Program Explanation

How Our Program Works

Initial Consultation

During our initial consultations together, you'll be told what needs to be addressed given your fertility history and your desired outcomes. Some initial suggestions will follow and then you will decide whether you need additional help from us or not. If you do, we'll work with you giving you tailored support until your environment is no longer a source of toxin exposure.


The Swap & Detox Phase

During this phase of the program, you can decide to implement our recommendations and rid your environment of sources of toxin exposure, swapping in products that are fertility safe. 


If you choose to do the full program with us (as opposed to adopting a do it yourself approach), we will examine each of the five sources of exposure and work with you until you have safe alternatives for previously used products or employed habits. Detoxing your environment can be confusing and overwhelming, but not with us by your side.


Analyze Outcomes

Regardless of whether you chose to be in our program, or to detox your life by yourself, or to do nothing at all, we will check in on you just before embryo transfer, to ask you how far you were able to go in your detox efforts. This is an important part of our research and helps us to understand whether detoxing is making a positive difference or not. Should you allow us to, we will follow up and record the result of your pregnancy test in an anonymous fashion.


Time Is Of The Essence

Some toxins start to wash out of the

body in as little as 3-7 days. Others take longer.


The faster you get the evaluation done, the faster you can make the changes you need to lower your toxin exposure and maximize your chances of a successful fertility outcome.

To Purchase Additional Consulting, Please Click on the Relevant Link Below

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Beauty and personal care product review (up to 10 products)

Fresh Produce

Food and Water Toxin Eposure Evaluation with Supplement & Diet Suggestions

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Our Practice Better Profile

Health and wellness professionals use the Practice Better to host and run their courses and programs. The portal is HIPPA protected, so all personal and health information is protected under the federal privacy policy law pertaining to sensitive health information. Our reduction program is run on this portal. To view the Practice Better profile for Afshan Hussain & PregnancySafeCosmetics, click below.

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