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Doctors' Testimonies

None of the testimonies here are paid advertisements. None of the doctors quoted or captured on video here were paid by Sexy Mommas to make their statements.

Toxins are Endocrine Disruptors & That’s a Big Problem

Many doctors have discussed the problem with endocrine disruptors in cosmetics, bath & skin care. Dr. Lora  Shahine and Dr. Shanna Swan have both written and talked extensively on the subject. Watch this video to learn the basics about endocrine disruptors and why they should be avoided, at all cost.  To deep in your knowledge on the subject, try googling these doctors, watching the documentary at the end of this page, or reading the artilcle after Dr. Haq's testimony. This video was made by Dr. Lora Shahine, herself, as a public education effort. The additional information at the end was provided by Sexy Mommas.

Connecting Cosmetics with Poor Sperm Counts, Miscarriages, & Birth Defects

Dr. Haq has known patients who have, after suffering poor health, gone through extensive testing and found toxins & micro-plastics in their system.  He is passionate about the subject of environmental exposure to toxic substances, and the effects of that exposure. Watch Dr. Haq explain the dangers of certain toxins to couples trying-to-conceive and pregnant women. The video was made by Dr. Haq, himself, as a public education effort. The additional information at the end was provided by Sexy Mommas.


“There has been mounting evidence that pregnant women and lactating mothers should be taking care of what they put in and on their bodies. Recent studies have pointed to both synthetic ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, and BPA, as well as organic ingredients such as essential oils, as being fetal and embryo toxic, as well as harmful to a nursing infant. These substances can cross the placental barrier and pass into a mother’s milk.


I do counsel mothers about this issue on a daily basis, when I examine and see their newborn baby. I think it’s safe to say avoidance of these ingredients in beauty and household products is recommended until research can conclusively prove that they are not a danger. After all, why take a risk?”

-Dr. Sabeena Hubbard D.O., Board certified Pediatric Hospitalist, and, Associate Professor at IU School of Medicine.

Disappearing Male - Science Documentary

The last few decades have seen studying dramatic increases in general deformities, low sperm count, rates of testicular cancer, and miscarriages in western countries where exposure to certain synthetic ingredients in personal care products is high. This documentary takes a close look at what doctors in many researchers now believe is the source of the problem: certain synthetic ingredients that make their way into our bodies via our skin and our mouths. Though the documentary emphasizes the effects on men, it also explains why women, especially those pregnant with  or nursing boys, are equally affected.

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